Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide an opportunity for kids who love basketball to play with their peers against some of the best competition throughout Metro Atlanta and the Southeast. Our goal is to develop the basketball skills of each individual player while helping them build their character as individuals.

Philosophy:  If hardwork and teamwork are not part of your character then this is not the program for you.  There is no "I" in The Dekalb Eagles. The Dekalb Eagles play as a team. The Dekalb Eagles win and lose as a team.  The Dekalb Eagles score as a team, pass as a team, rebound as a team, defend as a team. It doesn't matter who is scoring the points, setting the pick, making the steal, or grabbing the ball, as long as they're a Dekalb Eagle.  It takes Discipline and a strong will to succeed in the game of basketball as well as life.  It will take the same to play Dekalb Eagles Basketball.  You must be willing to sacrifice individual goals for the sake of the team.


Community Service:  We believe in the old saying "To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required".  We will have several Community Service Projects during the Spring & Summer.  Players on the Travel Team must participate in our Community Service Projects.  Rec players are welcome to join us as well.   


Coaching Policy:  Our coaches represent the Dekalb Eagles at all times. Our coaches are to always treat the players with respect.  Our coaches are to promote the team and do what is in the best interest of the team. There is no guarantee of playing time for any particular player, but each player selected for the team will contribute to the team, and have many opportunities to develop as a basketball player.  


Complaints: All coaching complaints should be submitted in writing to the coach. The coach will then schedule a meeting to try to settle the issue. If an issue can not be settled, or is ignored, the complaint should be submitted in writing to Sonjia Sullivan. No complaint from a parent should ever be expressed in front of the team (i.e. after a game or practice). Any parent violating this policy is subject to having their player immediately and permanently removed from the team.

Parental Conduct: Parents are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that shows good sportsmanship and sets a good example for the players. Parents should not be exceptionally critical of a player, coach, or a referee during a game. All parents should realize that they, as well as their child, represent the Dekalb Eagles.  Any parent or player that does not represent the Dekalb Eagles in a positive way is subject to being removed from the team.  We strive to be an Organization you can be proud to be associated with and expect the same from you.

Player Attitude: The Dekalb Eagles are a family oriented organization.  It is our intent that the experience be enjoyed by everyone. Players are expected to always be respectful to coaches, parents, and their teammates. Players should be on time for events with the right attitude and enthusiasm.  Players or parents are expected to call their coach in advance if they are going to be late or miss an event.  Unexcused absence will result in reduced playing time.  Players are expected to listen when a coach is talking and they will be asked to follow instructions to the best of their ability.  We reserve the right to remove a player from the team if the player fails to participate as agreed or demonstrates conduct detrimental to the team.

Participation With Other Teams: Players with the Dekalb Eagles AAU/YBOA Travel Teams are not permitted to participate with other teams as pickup or substitute players unless there are very special circumstances that warrant granting such a request. Any player who violates this policy may be permanently removed from our roster.

Gameday Attire: All players must comply with the following dress code for games. (Players can wear whatever shorts or shoes they want during practices.)


Practice:  Reversible Rec Jerseys

Game: Full Team Uniform

Sweatbands: Solid White or Navy Blue
Undershirts: Solid White or Navy Blue

In between games:  Organization approved attire (i.e.:  Shooting shirt or T-shirt)

Also: No jewelry during games, and jersey's must stay tucked in while playing. Travel Uniforms are returned at the end of the season.