Frequently Asked Questions?



1.)  WHAT IS AAU and YBOA? AAU stands for The Amateur Athletic Union. AAU is a national organization dedicated to amateur sports and physical fitness programs including basketball.  YBOA stands for Youth Basketball of America.  It is the largest basketball organization in the Southeast. 


2.)  HOW LONG IS THE AAU/YBOA SEASON? Our season typically runs March thru July.  We guarantee that each team will participate in 20-25 games over that period.  Typically four games are played per weekend (2 on Sat./2 on Sun). Many tournaments schedule games on Fri night.  



Boys placement is based on players skill level, grade & age as of September 1st 2022 


4.)  HOW DOES MY CHILD BECOME AN DEKALB EAGLE? Many come directly from the Winter REC program.  Others register for Open tryouts in September or February, but will do so anytime if there are still open slots. 


5.)  WHAT HAPPENS IF MY CHILD CAN'T MAKE THE TRYOUTS?  Please contact us.  We will schedule individual tryouts to evaluate them properly.


6.)  WHERE ARE THE DEKALB EAGLES FROM?  While the majority of our players reside within Dekalb County, most commonly come from the Stone Mountain – Lithonia area.  We have expanded our footprint to Snellville and Gwinnett in recent years.  The Dekalb Eagles welcome all players in Metro Atlanta and Georgia who want to be a part of our program.  Over the past several years our program has expanded greatly.  For the 2022 AAU/YBOA season we expect to have 7 teams taking the court.  


7.)  WHAT ARE THE DEKALB EAGLES COLORS AND LOGO? Our primary team colors are Navy Blue, White and Red. Our logo is an Eagle’s Head in the shape of a “D” for Development, Defense, Determination and Discipline.  It also pays homage to where we started Dekalb.  



Each player is expected to make every attempt to attend all games and all practices.  We expect Dekalb Eagle games and practices to take priority.  However, there are always conflicts and communication with the coaches is crucial.  Advanced warning allows for any necessary adjustments in practices, scrimmages, play review, or game plans.  Please communicate with your coach. 


9.)  WHAT ARE THE GOALS OF THE DEKALB EAGLES? The Dekalb Eagles' goal is development of our members to their fullest potential as individuals first and then as athletes  Our coaching philosophy and commitment to each individual team member makes our players loyal to our program.


10.)  HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO BE A DEKALB EAGLE?  We strive to maintain our programs at affordable rates for all.  Program costs are determined by the season and specific program desired, the cost of gym time, and the cost of uniforms. Typically it costs about $600 a year.