Our Story

The Dekalb Eagles were founded March 1st, 2007 to provide life skills and experiences for youth through athletics by Will and Sonjia Sullivan.  It is our goal to have all our students reach their highest potential as good citizens.  We teach life lessons and skills such as teamwork, dedication, responsibility, and other values that will enhance them not only as student-athletes, but as individuals.  The true success of any sports program is not determined only by wins and losses, but by the measurable improvement of participants in their skills, knowledge of the game, and love for the sport.


We have been blessed along this journey to have found many who shared our vision these past 10 years.  As we continue moving forward we will need others.  What began as a group of 13 little boys has quickly grown to so much more.  


We have always and continue to focus on the person, not the game.  It is our desire to develop youth with character and strong leadership skills.  To this end we partner with several organizations with like interests.  We consider all our student-athletes past and present to be part of the Dekalb Eagles Family.  There's nothing more satisfying for us than seeing young men develop lifelong friendships and memories during their time with us.


We want not just the best and the brightest, but those who want to be a part of this community program we are building.  There are many called, but few answer the challenge.  Come join us, roll up your sleeves and help elevate this generation. There are any number of behind the scene roles you can help with.  Just ask, we don't mind the help.